My 70s dentist

Right now my mouth still hurts a bit but not so much that I can’t post some promised pictures. I didn’t get the front sign because the doctor was looking at me when I walked up. No need to piss off a dude who will be mucking around in your mouth. Even if I could have come up with a plausible excuse I didn’t want to set a weird tone.

All of these pictures were taken in one burst while he stepped out of the room. I only had seconds while I waited for some molding chemicals to set. I also couldn’t risk the noise of getting up as he told me to stay still. First up; my view.

Yup that is an old school arm mount tiny color TV set against the backdrop of a mountain scene wallpaper complete with faux wood beam.

The skier is glorious even if he shows his age.

Crap I was not looking for a mouth full of goo dudes been drilling on my face selfie. I just wanted the old school dentist workstation. If barbers still pulled teeth I’d go to one of them instead. Mouthborn pathogens be damned let’s fix this shit Doc.

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