I was minding my own business when a shit mood broke out. Okay I wasn’t technically minding my own business as I was trolling Facebook but that is beside the point.  Strike that as well because that nonsense could be the direct cause of said same fecal state of mind. I have been making a concerted effort (crap, I think that word means in concert which make me an idiot for applying it to me alone. Oh well.) to wean myself off of that particular chunk  of social media.

I figure if I stick to weekends only I will be more productive and feel better about things in general. I really just stop by to see what’s doing with people I kind of know. Sure I have to weed through a bunch of other stuff like political nonsense and all of the things they share that I could care less about but one I find something I want to read or look at its usually worth it. That was until today.

I sifted through five full minutes of nonsense until I found a picture of a human being that interested me. It was all ads, or clips from web sites that I read every single day. I don’t understand but I am pretty sure its time for me to take a real long break. I wont go off completely as there are posts I follow like stories. I might have written about this before but I watched a dude blow his whole life up online.

From the announced breakup, to the cheating accusations, to trying to woo her back, to lashing out when that didn’t work, to kicking her out of the family business, to helping her move in to the boyfriends house, and now to the tales of couples therapy, this stuff is riveting. Its too bad I have to sift through the rest of the dreck to get there.

And then there is my other Facebook hobby… a little something I like to call “What ELSE is in the picture?” This is where I look at posted photos as a way of spying on the rest of life. I like to see how the folks I know decorate and what kind of crap is currently out on their counters. I love me a messy room in the background so I can enlarge the picture and get to investigatin. And now they are clouding this beautiful world of oversharing with ads and sponsored posts that do nothing more than make me mad.

The sad thing is there is really no other way for me to spy on folks. No other venue invites everyone right into your house. I know that some of you are thinking I should just go visit but that is not the point. Some of these people are only my online friends as a way to peek inside my life not anyone I want to actually hang out with. That is why my Facebook page is a deer stand. I scattered just enough pictures around much like a hunter with delicious corn so that they will come into range er, be my friend. Then I can get to creepin.

If you are my real life friend that is now a Facebook friend I am in no way talking about you. Other than I am trying to look around your house whenever possible. Nothing nefarious just a bottomless curiosity. You have been warned.

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