caucus pit

I can’t stop watching the Iowa Caucus on TV tonight. It takes me back to college in Ames and watching this nonsense live and in person. I think we need this system all around the country only add a bit more of a mosh pit flavor to the mix. Loud live music and people frantically jumping around trying to “convince” others to stand in their part of the room. Less of this spirited debate nonsense and more bashing in to one another.

I am particularly fascinated by the attention starved undecided voters. These people stand in that part of the room just so others will have to come up and talk to them. Its pathetic. Am I to believe that they drove to the venue with no preconceived idea of who they wanted to vote for? Horseshit. You chose to declare yourself a Democrat you probably have some idea who you like. And if you don’t do you really trust your neighbors to influence your decision making? Attention whores. These sheep would be quickly mowed down in my moshcaucus scenario.

Another side note while I’m politicking: As I flip channels the portrait pictures of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are awful on every channel. They both look like evil cartoons. I think one of the channels has photo-shopped a Cheshire Cat smile on Donald’s face.  And Hilary looks a tad transgender on more than one network. I swear there are some really good cameras out there. Why don’t the candidates themselves submit a glamour shot to all of the channels? Something to think about…

I can’t shut my eyes and I have to be on camera myself first thing in the morning. Oh well, bags under the eyes just add to my patina.

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