Hold please

I am currently in the midst of a family technological shuffle and it is consuming this evenings free time. I write this nonsense either on the phone I’m on now or preferably an iPad. The wife’s original version finally succumbed to old age and updates so she needed the one I just got with travel points. Luckily I just scored a big gift card from work so I got me a new mini version.

Got my bride all set up and now I’m trying to load all of my stuff on to this little thing. So far I like the smaller form factor. Should be easier to watch on a plane with the asshole in front of me enjoying full recline. And hopefully the new size will help my thumb typing.

Sorry about the lack of funny and the disjointed disinterest as I keep setting the phone down to install and arrange apps. I would be lying if I said I didn’t like this stuff. Thank you for your patience.

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