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I don’t get into dust ups with teachers very often. A little under twenty years of kids in some kind of formal school and I have only had two official on paper problems. The first was with a math teacher at the Junior High who told me that there was no help for my daughter because she could not grasp the subject matter (math). I thanked him for giving up on my child in writing so I didn’t sound like another hysterical parent complaining about a mean teacher. In the email I sent to the head of his department, the assistant principal, the principal, and the head of the school board where I included his original note to me I asked the question “now that you have officially given up on my child how can I get her educated in this subject?”

I also praised the teacher for having the guts to admit that he wasn’t up to the challenge of a difficult student and I recommended further soul searching to determine if teaching was in fact his true calling. Miraculously she got through the class with a solid B and he transferred jobs the next year. Sometime later he was arrested and convicted of child molestation that began with inappropriate texting to a sixteen year old that he later took further in his car.

Next up my eldest child who is the overall nicest person in my immediate family came home crying from track practice. She choked out some extremely unkind words from her coach that culminated with him telling her not to bother coming out for the sport the following year. Especially where coaching is concerned I do not like to insert myself but this was an unpopular no cut activity and my child was one of the better ones on the team. His boss at the time was a man who coached me when I attended the same high school so I didn’t feel the need to pull any punches.

I wrote some things that shockingly might have crossed the line even suggesting that my child not be “his type” which would explain his inability to coach her. Copied on the email my old coach requested a call. I got a little dose of admonishing along with promises to fix what happened. There was another exchange where he tried to get wordy about my accusations so I might have made some more. Ultimately this was a completely unsatisfying interaction. My eldest wanted nothing more to do with the track team and he went on to still coach the next year. So I kind of took this one as a loss.

Until yesterday when I found out that he resigned and is under investigation by police for sending inappropriate texts to a sixteen year old! Tomstradamus strikes again. I couldn’t be happier about another persons misery and if that makes me a bad person then I am guilty as charged. (see what I did there?) This makes me two for two on the official scoreboard. I am now dropping the mic on my teacher complaints and walking off of the stage at the top of my game.

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