Super Bowl L

Today is a day that the NFL hath made.

I walked out front this morning to grab something from the car and glanced over at the school. My phone picture doesn’t do it justice but the fact that I pulled it out and tried to capture it should speak volumes.

I love this day. I’m up early because I can’t sleep. Even if I don’t have a team in the game, and sadly that has been the case for a while now, this is the culmination of a season. The game I love will crown a champion and I will be betting on every aspect. My friend throws a nearly perfect party every year and it is awesome.

I say nearly perfect as there are children present. This is no fault of my host as he has kids of his own but there should be an age based attendance system for the basement viewing area. The more beer my friends and I consume the saltier our banter becomes. I tell myself every year to curb the language and then somewhere around the fourth beer all bets are off. (Sorry, weak attempt at gambling work in)

The back and forth is what I love and if editing wasn’t such a nut flick I would tape the whole thing. The problem with that is I would be the idiot mining hours of recording for gems. I also have the sneaking suspicion that it’s not all as funny played sober – later. Or, it would be so funny that I would start immediately investigating podcasts.

Anyway, I have to keep busy today lest the time pass slower than it already is. I will complain more than once about this national event taking place on a Sunday night but no need to start that now. 

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