Bumpy Monday

I say this every year but nobody listens; The Super Bowl should be on a Saturday Night. I don’t understand why this is not a thing. If there is some reason this can’t happen then at the very least the following Monday should be a National Holiday. Other countries shut shit down for that boring ass World Cup…

Anyway, I discovered today that there are a ton of people who give zero fux about the game and that quite frankly is sad. I didn’t have a dog in the fight either but it didn’t mean that I couldn’t drink beer, eat things bad for me, and gamble on EVERYTHING. Its the American way. But some of those I spoke with took an almost prideful pleasure in their disinterest.

I was in a strange space anyway so when one individual challenged me for the second time I might have lashed out a bit. He mentioned something about going to the movies every year during the bowl because his team was not in the game. He even went so far as to post a picture on Facebook as proof.

I told him that his pathetic cry for attention didn’t make him better than anyone else just a little more desperate. He got a little salty and started to say something about only rooting for the home team so I shifted into second gear. “How many people have you told about this great stance in the last week?”  silence.  “Was the movie you saw written, directed, and or starring someone from your sad little part of the country?” still nothing.

“The next time you climb up on this particular soap box ask your audience if they can see up your skirt. Your douche nozzle is showing.” I sent him a note later apologizing and blamed it on the fact that I was having too much fun yesterday with the other hundred and eleven million uncool losers around the world. Probably not my strongest apology work.

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