Ain’t that some….

I got all excited this morning because it looked like someone was finally taking down the fifty year old rotting willow tree next door. I’ve been warning the power company for years because this thing already shucked a Hyundai sized limb that knocked cable out. When the whole thing goes we will be without power and my neighbor Bill will have a dead tree atrium in his house.

Drove a bucket into her back yard (sorry, inner 13 year old is laughing) and got to work.

He started like a man on fire or at least a man precariously suspended above live power lines. I went to work and when I checked back in five hours later the disappointment tones from the Price is Right played in my head.

From what I can tell they spent more than four hours removing one branch. All they did was cut a little wind resistance away giving poor Bill less time to get out of the way. I think someone sold the lady next door a tree trimming equivalent of magic beans. The tree of Damocles stands.

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