Presidents what

This is one of those “holidays” that sneaks up on me every year. Since I am not a teacher or mail carrier I work today and like every other Monday off I had stuff to do. I needed to go to the bank today. DENIED. I needed the post office today. DENIED I needed it quiet around here so I could get some stuff done. Well, it was pretty quiet but I am not as productive with other humans roaming around. All things considered this one could go away and I wouldn’t miss it one bit.

Plus the President is a touchy thing to celebrate. As far as I can tell roughly half the country hates whoever sits in that chair at all times. Back when this was invented I think Washington was still alive. Did folks from the other party go to work out of spite. Make fun of the people who were off because I think it was originally GW’s birthday. The Federalists were all sitting at home while the Anti-Federalists worked.

Awesome names for the two parties that still stand today by the way. One is called some official government sounding word and the other party is just called the exact opposite of those other guys. A little more honest in my stupid opinion. Anyway then Lincoln gets engrossed in a play (I guess that was the equivalent of a movie back then. Newspapers and books were TV so I kind of get it but holy crap, a play. If you want to assassinate me a play is near the bottom of the list. My head is on a swivel out of sheer boredom. I start looking for interesting audience things happening during all singing. anyway, I need to end this weird post within a post.) and takes a close up lead ball to the back of the skull necessitating the need to honor him as well. Easy Lincoln lovers, I am truncating achievements for the sake of time.

I don’t even know where I was originally going with this but I do know that tomorrow is back to my regularly scheduled program. So enjoy what remains of your day off if you had one. If not, happy Monday just the same. Thus ends my touching patriotic tribute as is my egomaniacle nerd with a website prerogative.

crap, Bobby Brown song stuck in my head now. great

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