I should not have opened my mouth- er- written anything down yesterday when I said something about looking forward to having the house to myself today. The next two in line got sick last night so today has been work with a couple side orders of flu nursing. This pair cleans up after themselves unlike the boy and I. Its not terrible but its also not the quiet productive environment of my dreams. The good news is that we are dealing with a 24 hour bug so everyone should be back to work tomorrow.

CRAP. One family member left so that might not have been smart save the fact that she has always had a cast iron immune system. We shall see. Anyway, just before the literal shite storm hit, me and a couple of the kids went to see Deadpool. I could not have been happier with a Superhero movie. This is not in any way for little kids and that’s a great thing. The fact that I got to see Stan Lee wearing Beats headphones around his neck working as a DJ at a strip club made my entire experience. Great movie even if you know nothing about the plot.

And the only other thing I will say in this non movie review is I like a story that isn’t afraid of killing a few folks. Most flicks in this genre especially tend to go for the implied kill. Not these folks. Anyway I’ll shut up now as I am not interested in my own movie reviews but if you go to see it the opening credits set a definite tone.

One final note as I was asked by someone today if I watched the Grammy’s. NO. Awards shows give me the willy’s. And I don’t mean that I am just not a fan either. I can’t physically stay in a room where they are on. Not so much the performances that I can watch the next day on the internets but the speeches. I can’t take ’em.  The douche chills roll through my body one after the other. as the individual chills reach one end of my body or the other they bounce back feeding the energy into the waves that occurred after. This leads up to a full body douche tsunami causing me to leave the room until the devastation subsides.

If you ever want to see a version of this live and in person trick me into attending Karaoke sometime. Once I realize whats happening you will think someone lit me on fire while I was choking on and unchewed bite of delicious cow flesh. Clown Karaoke might be the single scariest thought to ever pop into my head and now I need to go.



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