What happens when your back has been giving you troubles for a while and no one in your home is capable of cracking your back? Don’t say chiropractor because I am not a fan of real doctors so a witch doctor has no chance of touching me.


I’ll do the adjusting myself thank you very much. This is what I like to call a purchase perfect storm. My back was killing me and I had just read an article about people hanging from inversion boots to relieve pressure. Then I get an email from my good friends at Amazon about a deal too good to pass up on one of these…


The first time I went back on the damn thing my spine clicked in a neat quick line like falling dominoes. I almost cried.

Instructional note to Doug and or Tim; when they find me dead on this thing let me apologize in advance for the amount of blood that will have pooled in my head. If you can’t fix it consider this your instructions to burn me quickly no matter what my family says. No makeup to try and cover my cherry red face. I will not go out looking like a clown.  If you are even slightly tempted by the sweet irony of me in a casket looking like a mime know that I will haunt you both. I don’t care which one did it… No shit full on poltergeist. End instructional side note.

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