I am pretty sure I’ve addressed this topic a couple times over the years but it reared its relentless head again and it got me thinking. A colleague and I were talking about some mutual acquaintances who play their entire lives out on Facebook and how neither of us can understand it. But by the end of our discussion I observed that we knew a bunch about these folks even though we both claim to be puzzled by their choice to publish all. Personally I cant stop reading their posts.

It would be the same if I lived on a steep hill in a place that gets really cold. Everyone knows not to try and drive up or down the street when its iced but some still do. I would be at my window every day probably filming the crashes. As it stands now those are some of my favorite videos on the internet. Icy hill accidents calm me down. I have even commented against some other viewers who attack the videographer for not trying to prevent more destruction. Nonsense! It is extremely hard to keep slowly sliding stuff in frame while sneaking a shot of all potential collision targets. And if I did have to report to some pesky job I would mount a camera on the outside of the building so I could review the footage every night. Anyway, back to the original thought…

This colleague finished with wondering why anyone would vlog or blog their lives. I answered that the video loggers, if they’re good, get paid. A Daily vlog that has a decent viewership can be a game changer. I have danced with that thought for quite some time now. Problem is I don’t really like looking at me. To play that game the right way you need to shoot and edit a lot of yourself. Not sure I could keep that up. Oh, and not a huge fan of my recorded voice either. So then I asks myself for the thousandth time “Why do you write stupidtom?”

The best answer is because its mine, for me, and I am in charge. Lately it has seemed like major parts of my life have been spinning out of control. Here on this little tiny speck of the internet I am King. I have let other factors influence me in the past, family reading and getting butt hurt, friends unable to stop talking about it at parties, comment trolls pissing me off, even the quest to make this pay for itself. All of that was just noise. I write this for me. Not to get rich (although I am not opposed to money if anyone out there has some extra to shovel my way) not to be famous, not to please anyone but myself.

In a day filled with talking to people and answering the same questions over and over again followed by the normal boat load of family problems and a heaping side order of money worries, writing here makes me happy. (take a second to catch your mental breath after that horrendous run-on sentence.) As long as I’m committing this blog on blog crime I should also let you know that I change things a lot for those same reasons. There are only 15 of you reading this on a regular basis from what I can tell so I’m certainly not doing it for you.

By the way I did not tell the person who kick-started this about stupidtom. I’ve only told one person at work and that is due to her status as a soldier. She can hang and wouldn’t say shit with a mouth full of it. I did however tell him of another desire of mine to make memes. I get real antsy about not creating the artwork but I am constantly impressed by the laughter that comes from these brief encounters with funny.


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