I’m back

It just took a weekend of wallowing on my own self pity to shake the spiders out of my head. I still have some major life decision making in front of me but I’m not neck deep anymore. I spent last night making a scary priority list that began with a problem / solution chart. An hours worth of work boiled down to I need to find a way to make more OR radically change my life.

The radical life change would create some pain for those closest to me and right now is not the best time for those thoughts. It seems like everyone in my family is going through a major transition right at this moment so I can’t add to that pile. The change perfect storm added to the weekend I just had but life is change so I need to buck-up. And this will end the life whining for a while.

In related news last nights brain storming session led me to some things that have heretofore gone unseen. I have a literal drawing board up in my office and it is nearly full. By drawing board I mean piece of Plexiglas screwed to the wall that I have sectioned off with automotive pin-striping. I would take a picture and show you except I would have to take down all of the top secret written information. Wait, I think I have an old office tour video I did for work somewhere. Hold please…

Okay, you need to ignore the bad shtick as I walk through. This was a requested video from the folks at HQ to see what goes on with the work-at-homes. I should explain the bison head. I work with a bunch of hunters. On a big hunt together they posted a picture of a buffalo that supposedly one of them shot. I may have become a tad bit relentless. Asking how much they paid to put the cancer riddled petting zoo creature out of its misery, why I couldn’t see the fence or the neck chains in the picture, you know good natured ribbing. Anyway when I was setting up the office I saw an ad for Cardboard Safari and it featured a little bison head and thought it might be funny.

I didn’t pay attention to the sizes and when the big one was on sale for like ten bucks more than I was going to spend anyway… I figured “How big could it be?” The size of an actual real life buffalo head that’s how big stupid. That was a long way to explain a bad joke in the middle of a worse video. Everything else in the office serves a purpose to either help me work or make me smile. It is a little more crowded with the addition of my inversion table but other than that and the pinstripe dividers on the dry erase board little has changed.

And so ends this unexpected peek into stupidtom HQ

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