Thanks anyway but stop

I received a very nice note of concern for my financial and mental well being and while it disturbed me a little I already sent a personal thank you response. But then I got the feeling that I needed to put something up for the remaining nine of you. Things just got bumpy over the weekend. I am not in any way destitute. I have a pretty great life. There is just a pile of things happening all around me that have conspired to cause me severe financial aggravation.

Nothing on this site should ever be misconstrued as a cry out for monetary assistance of any kind. I don’t need a GoFundMe page or a telethon I just need to weather this current storm. This isn’t recent either but it just got tough to deal with in the last few weeks. To sum up and again not as a cry for help but to explain; (no idea if I used that punctuation correctly. I am completely lost as to the difference between ; and :.) (shit, I just realized that I just committed an inadvertent emoji. Cindy Crawford smiling? sorry) family income dropped by a full 25% while expenses have jumped by 15%. Basically a 40% kick square in the financial nuts.

Then sprinkle in some IRS unpleasantness, my local town requiring me to spend another $1,500 before they will approve my office just because they can, and a couple other recent hits and you have a recipe for last weekends self-evaluation. There is something unsettling about being 51 and worried about money like like a 25 year old. (I chose that age because that is when life got real for me personally. anyway, enough of this parenthesis nonsense)

The emailer also asked why I don’t monetize this blog. The first answer is I tried once. At the height of stupidtom I had a couple hundred visitors per day and had ads all over the place. That effort earned me a whopping $20.27 which I will never collect because Google’s minimum payout threshold is $100.00. Plus, I never click on blinking banner ads or inline links so why should I expect the people who read what I write to do that?

This is not the spot where I am going to earn replacement income. This is where I work out my crazy. Carry on with your day and stop worrying about me. And if I ever do completely break, please buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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