Like a hole in the head

I was walking through the quiet house today when I heard a disturbing noise. It sounded like someone was dragging an aluminum boat across my roof. I knew it must be the same group of super squirrels that have eaten through three hard plastic garbage can lids. Don’t believe me? Hold please…

The first two holes were smaller. This time just after having it replaced they made this brand new super hole as if to say “we can do this all day.” Anyway, I do not take this threat lightly so I went to grab my pellet gun.

I thought it was coming from the front so I went out the door and into the yard assuming a two handed shooting stance. A sweep of the roof proved no boat dragging rodents and also the lack of later police response showed none of my neighbors witnessed my crazy.

Making my way to the backyard all the while covering the house I heard the noise coming loud and clear from above the deck. I jumped up on the outdoor couch and put two pellets into the loose piece of flashing scraping across my shingles like a protractor.

I will be drawing a face somewhere on this house so I can punch it when things like this happen. Hopefully the weather will let me get up there tomorrow with a couple of glue sticks and duct tape. 

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