I need to head up to the lake and take care of some minor business. The monkey in my wrench is the boy has some turnabout dance tomorrow. I already spent a part of this night buying clothing for said same social event. The reason I’m writing this is my bride doesn’t want our youngest to grow up.

We are in a store and a boy in an adult mans body is standing next to her yet she still insists on handing him shirts to try on that wouldn’t have fit him three years ago. I might be in a little trouble for laughing because I swear the last one was so tight I could see his pulse.

Then mix in a dog face bow tie because it’s funny and a pair of white suspenders and if I didn’t know better I would think I was outfitting a clown. Nope, just a fifteen year old with his own nonsense of style. I might break a longstanding personal rule and go to the pictures just to witness the tableau but that will depend on how tomorrow goes.

We happened to be in a store where I would never go on my own and during the checkout process they get real aggressive about credit cards and discount clubs. When pushed I usually push back but this time I just acquiesced for some reason. 

Hopefully there isn’t another Tom Hemorrhoid residing at 1929 Football Dr Lake Forest Illinois or else we are going to fight over rebate bucks or whatever they call them. 

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