as good as old

I climbed my fat ass up on the roof this morning to fix the errant flashing. Truth be told I’m not sure if I just used the word errant correctly and I am too tired to use the Google. Anyway, you should never work with sheet metal without wearing gloves. Holding the stuff with your hoodie sleeve just leads to a ruined sweatshirt. This concludes today’s safety tip and you’re welcome.

I got the thing back in place and caulked the living crap out of it. Before any home improvement experts weigh in I am fully aware that the flashing doesn’t need that but this is my leaky castle and I will encase it in chemicals if I want. I also over nailed the mutha effa to send a message to the rest of the aluminum. Disobedience will not be tolerated.  

The rest of this roof might blow away to Oz but this one little piece is here for good.

How would you like to be startled every time you head to your garage workbench? I was cleaning up today and once again this art school monstrosity made me jump.  

Art. Is. Subjective. and a little bit frightening.

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