I am on some random Asian dudes some kind of Internet something but I have no idea what. First I say Asian not to show my racial ignorance or inability to distinguish between the vast number of asiatic people but because the guy couldn’t or wouldn’t speak to me. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I was wandering through the concourse people watching when I noticed that the dude just ahead was clearly filming me. I think he thought he was being slick but I could see it was I framed in the majority of his phone. I smirked as I wondered what this could be about and tolerated it until I couldn’t.

With the hand I rest on my bag strap I began to aggressively flip him off. Once he realized that I was no longer pleased with the spy footage he lowered his phone. 

Not wanting to waste the opportunity I caught up to him and asked where he would be posting the video. My size plus the angry gesture at the end of the shoot plus our apparent language barrier equaled one frightened little man. So I backed off not knowing what kind of sight I’m going to end up on.

I did ask for a picture to show you but he looked really scared so I just gave him a mini lecture on polite requests before filming.

This by the way was not my first brush with random airport Asian fame. About a year ago a nice man asked if he could take a picture. I agreed and he took four or five shots of my bag. Nice confidence booster there. So much that I forgot to ask which leather porn site it ended up on.

Oh well, 0 for 2.

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