Fb adjacent

I am working on a new idea for a site like Facebook with a difference. I was initially thinking about calling it Schmacebook but that company is a juggernaut and their legal team would steam roll me flat. I am thinking about a place where everyone would be required to post only real stuff happening in their lives. I’m still trying to figure out a lot of the how but a [BULLSHIT] button is right at the top of the list.

And speaking if lists I have a bunch of NO’s already:

No professional pictures

No posts that require reposting. In fact, asking someone to do anything in a post will result in the deletion of said same and your potential banishment. 

No obvious cries for congratulations, praise, sorrow, or emotion of any kind.

No whining about your electronic friends. Shut up. None of this is real life.

No religious posts, no one wants your opinion and keep your self righteous guilt to yourself.

No acting like you are the first person to discover anything on the Internet.

No begging. No one on Schmacebook has extra money to throw around. That’s why we are all so bitter.

There are other things like awards for shocking honesty and polls that force you to numerically rank you family members. I’m spitballing here while I wait for dinner.

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