The title stands for Fuck You Word Press and I am pissed because it ate my earlier post. There is something about the iPhone app going wonky lately and today it’s the worst. So why are you posting this ? You might ask…

This thing obliterated something I considered mildly funny including a spy picture I took in the app. GONE

I’m trying a text only post to see if I need to start burning things to the ground. I am in the airport waiting for a late flight home. Not my favorite thing anyway but losing a toilet paper hanging out of a dress on a dude picture is unacceptable.

And yes I am just as disappointed as you are. That was a shot for the permanent collection. I should explain: I keep one folder that I fully expect to be discovered upon my demise. I have labeled it TOP SECRET ensuring that anyone who sees it will immediately open it up.

Just a collection of weird and random pictures. I took some and stole others. All of them made me laugh at some point and that’s why they are there. The hope is that a child is poking through my technology and stumbles across the gallery. Am I the only one doing this kind of long game planning?

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