I am tough on stuff. My bag is cow lined in pig and it gets better looking the more I use it. I wish I could say the same for this weakling Apple Watch. (Look at the iPhone autocorrect capitalizing their soft trinkets name. Crap, and they lowercased the i and capitolized the P on the phone. Pretentious pricks) 
I don’t remember deflecting a small projectile ala Wonder Woman but that divot says otherwise. My flight is delayed and I’m bored so sorry about the shaky closeup picture.

I must be tired as well because I could have removed it from my wrist and taken a better shot. Oh well, back to the damage. I have no idea what I banged it against so I am blaming it on faulty manufacturing. One of the Chinese slave workers was having a bad day and put something in the alloy of my a-watch.

I wish I cared enough to throw a fit but I would hate to sound like the people who got the more expensive version that shows scratches. It’s a watch you asshole. If you want to keep it perfect put it back in the box and keep it on your shelf like an idiot.

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