Oh look

Yet another in an endless chain of shite flights was briefly better when I glanced out my window. I was so excited to see this that I must have looked like a total idiot smashing my phone against the plastic.

Then when I looked at the picture on the phone it sucked harder than my seat mate trying to keep his phlegm in check. I’m going to get comfortable taking selfies so I can misalign the lens and capture some of the creeps I fly with. I saw Mr Snuffleupagus at the gate and jinxed myself by simply thinking “I’ll probably be right next to patient zero.”

The worst part was when he tried to make small talk by asking what I was listening to… Zamfir Master of the Pan Flute I answered and he just stared at me breathing out of his mouth. Anyway, we aren’t friends. I might need to get a travel camera with a zoom for my new hobby.  

I wonder if there is a Worst Lady Liberty Picture Contest? Something to look into.

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