Twisted, prickly and sour

No that title is not my newest band name even if it would make a great one. Okay maybe not band more like bluegrass or folk trio bu I already digress. I would list my current state as dill pickle flavored barb wire. Lots of explanations but only a few that I will post for your consumption. First up the old dog that is no longer a pain in my ass bit my wife this morning breaking he skin and leaving distinct dental evidence. This means that the already ticking clock has now accelerated like time passing in an old movie. This is one of those “not now” situations which means it’s happening soon.

Next up I have a couple of vexing problems at work that are putting me behind… I CAN’T STAND BEING BEHIND. This goes against every fiber of my planning being and I didn’t even know that I contained fibers. I assumed that I was mostly water bones and meat. Before you even think about saying fat in the trades we call that marbling and it is a highly desired trait.

Now I am attempting to catch up but I am dead ass tired and I was keeping the tv on to stay awake. So my brain has decided to betray me my keying in and analyzing weirdness from drug commercials. Why do a bunch of medications lead to suicidal thoughts or actions? And then others either completely clog you up or liquefy you innards. None of these thoughts are productive and writing this as a way to reset my brain hasn’t worked. Crud.

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