I have a quick and disappointing post today. Quick because I am tired and lazy. Disappointing because I have no corroborating photographic evidence. This post would be from my public bathroom series if there were such a thing.

I walked into a busy public washroom today because I had to pee in a bad way. It took me back to my youth when sometimes I would wait too long and have to engage a manual external valve. This is also known as clenching the tip in some circles. Anyway, as I said, I had to pee badly so I went into this washroom and headed to the open urinal not really noticing that a dude was waiting in line but not pulling up to that receptacle.

Once I started to go I looked down and realized why everyone else was avoiding this pisser. I looked like someone had captured and sheared Baa Baa Black Sheep. The disassembled Brillo pad I was perched over was disturbing on so many levels I could hardly comprehend. Once I finished my urgent business I backed away slowly looking carefully for stowaways.

Confident that I wasn’t covered in underbrush I zipped up and tried to figure out how to take a picture without looking like a total creep. No luck and no real time to puzzle it out as I had places to be. The whole rest of the day was spent pondering the concept of public manscaping. I am still lost. The only thing I can even think of is some unplanned hook-up scenario and when he went in to pee an unkept shrub sprung out of his pants. Luckily he was carrying a trusty cordless trimmer…


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