aggressive passive

This one technically could go into my bathroom series and if I can figure it out I might even make that a category but it needs some background first. I like hockey. Its fun to watch. But much like me and baseball we need to see each other in person. I have been going to a few of the High School playoff games because my son has friends on the team and needs a ride. This is right up there with some of the best duty as I’ve already stated that I like watching the games.

One of my favorite things is the friction in the stands. I love human tension and few things are better for that than concentrating opposing fans in a small space watching a violent sport. Great hits and bad calls lead to some awesome back and forth. Between the action on the ice and the fun in the stands it is solid entertainment.

After the game I stopped by the bathroom before the relatively long drive home. When I finished I washed my hands and the guy who was previously peeing next to me grabbed a paper towel to blow his nose. He said something out of the blue smart-ass about his junk being cleaner than anything in the bathroom kind of intimating that I was somehow soft for washing my hands.

It was at this point I realized I was wearing some school fan gear and he was a parent from the team we just crushed so this was an oddly timed challenge of sorts. Rarely one to back away from good verbal fun I replied…

“You might be right about your cleanliness but you flushed using the handle. That means you just touched a surface that every other dude using that urinal did. In essence you grabbed a bunch of strange cocks. So you enjoy your evening and your fist full of dicks. I think you might have a pube on your nose.”

I was in the best mood for the entire rest of the night. There is definitely something broken inside of me.

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