Sunday wrapup

Yesterday I mentioned that something was broken in me and that was an incorrect statement so I wanted to clarify for the record. I was born with an ability to notice things. My mind is drawn to quirks and details for reasons beyond my comprehension. I am also almost always ready for some verbal back and forth. I love it in all forms but especially the draw emotional blood variety. There is probably a head doctor out there that would have some ideas as to why but since I don’t believe in them I have as much chance of being figured out by the Easter Bunny. I think I highlight those flash moments in my life where someone wants to engage because I really enjoy them. And so ends today’s psychological self evaluation…

And finally the boy turned 16 yesterday which was more difficult for your truly than earlier anticipated. Not sure if its because he is our baby or what exactly but it didn’t seem like an average birthday. Anyway, we were talking this morning and he said he found a site that had some football pictures but they were charging money. I took a look and discovered it was in fact one of those professional photography sites that takes a pile of random shots in the hope that they will get someone to but something.

I found the two  that he wanted but then had to keep digging because the two would cost as much as five with this “special deal” they had running. I was getting pissed trudging through shots until I came to a picture that caught my breath.


Before you think me stranger than already perceived I have coached this child since he was very small. All the way until I turned him over to the High School. I instantly flashed to the little kid trying to imitate the lineman stances he watched on TV. Then as he wore his first equipment trying to keep his butt down so he could see out of his helmet and fire out low. I didn’t crop or alter this picture in any way and have no idea who took the shot but it perfectly isolated my son. This has already been a vary good day.

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