Crafty Crafterson

My crafting game is strong. I was originally going to post from this evenings performance of Seussical the Musical in which my niece played a brief but outstanding supporting role… Then I remembered my brothers abhorrence of all things social and his media blackout regarding his children. My pictures and videos sucked anyway and even if I posted them no one could tell what the hell was going on as I was seemingly experiencing withdrawal symptoms of some sort. Not a keeper in the bunch.

I just got back and remembered that I wanted to show off my recent project. I say recent like I have done a big pile of crafting recently. Complete lie. I got a coffee table from the internet because it was cheap and the top lifts up into a TV tray. My friend Pete has a nice one, this thing was $75. A great deal but you get what you pay for. At some point something wet was set on the surface of the COFFEE TABLE and it made the thing bubble and wear off. It was a ring of exposed particle board and where the liquid connected it swelled and chipped away.

Something had to be done to protect the thing so I began digging around the house craft supplies and stumbled upon modge podge. Seemed simple enough, spread this stuff on the surface, then a layer of something you want to look at for a while followed by another layer of the glue. Problem was I couldn’t find anything to cover the surface.

So i headed to the local used book store for something from my childhood. I was looking for a picture book with toys from the 70s but found none so I ended up digging through everything. As I was giving up I walked past a Far Side collection in the damaged bin for fifty cents. Since I was going to dismantle the book it seemed like karma. This was way too much build up for waterproofing a cheap table but here is the final result after an evening of cutting out comics while watching TV.


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