Found my new favorite

United Club at the Atlanta airport is smallish and a bit disappointing until you hit the chow line.


Unmonitored unlimited beer is a heretofore undiscovered benefit of my membership. And if they thought those tiny glasses were going to slow my role they were sadly mistaken. I currently have three of the little things in front of me. One of each flavor auditioning to be my date for the evening.

The dude next to me just asked “can we do that?” To which I replied something about their lack of clear instruction was implied consent. I am the exact opposite of social right now and the only way he and I will be friends involves beer fetching.

The meeting was great and I broke a board with my hand. More a mental game than a physical one. Good time. I really need to concentrate on my drinking right now. Blue Moon is the coldest and thus wins the night. Pray for the passenger next to me as hibernating bear snore can’t be avoided.

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