Happy Easter Eve! No reason Christmas should have all the fun. Night before the birth night before the death seems symmetrical. The Easter Bunny is at the Barry Manilow concert with her friend. I purchased the tickets as a Valentine’s day present not even thinking about the timing. Why aren’t I at the show? you might be asking yourself… Well, I went last year and fell that multiple exposures might sully my experience.

Think what you will about Barry he is a hell of a showman. Plus you know almost every song he sings. There are some obscure songs that only the die hard Fanilows know but I got a solid 95%. Yes he has a full-on Ladyface and there could be some spinal or hip problems because he only pivoted at the waste as if his legs were frozen. Kind of like Floyd the Barber from Andy Griffith but I digress.

Still to be on stage at 72 is impressive. They sent me a picture of the twosome eating with his piano player. They got reservations at some shared table restaurant in Rockford and ended up with the musicians mom. Then up shows the piano man himself. I know these two will end up on stage or sitting out the night in the venue security office. I sometimes wish I loved something that much. Wait, strike that. There are probably quite a few things I would risk trouble to get close to but no need to list them here lest I telegraph some future questionable activity.

Okay I need to get back to peaceful March Madness watching. Already on the books at the most stress free Easter Eve in the post children era. I almost had a picture to add to this post but I keep missing the KU drummer kid. He is the exact opposite of what you would picture in  your mind and if I get him I will add it in later.

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