theme week

Since I am in the midst of a pisser I will continue with this weeks post a picture theme. This one comes courtesy of the old picture stroll I took the other day and I am deeply moved by the shot. It will not have the same effect on you.


This is my brother and I circa 1987 I think sitting at our kitchen table. There is so much going on in this shot its hard to take it all in. I am wearing a hood indoors sporting a porn stache dwarfing a table that back in the day seemed so big. The sweatshirt is from his college and I am drinking a beer while he consumes some vintage squat Pepsi.

It is obviously Christmas time as you can tell from the decorative centerpiece and the color of the napkins in the holder. The vinyl tablecloth only got switched out when worn and I cant really tell if it clashes with that sweet wallpaper. The darkness we are sitting on is a bench and I remember eating with seven or eight guys crammed around that thing.

The remote in front of my sibling controls the nine inch color tv atop the refrigerator. I am now on the hunt for a shot that shows more of the room where we spent most of our time.

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