a couple o tings

I missed April Fool’s Day because it is annoying. When I was young I was a big fan of the physical in person jokes. I was in a coed dorm my freshman year and cling wrap stretched tight across the women’s toilets made me laugh. This was also the year that I learned the ladies have to go something fierce in the morning as well. Never really thought about it before that point I guess but after more than one tail of not being able to stop and pee everywhere I got the message. There was one girl who  made my day by telling me “there was this weird drumming sound and then my sweatpants were soaked.” good stuff

Now everyone is in on the act and it just gets old and annoying. This from a guy who made victims golden bird bath… but that is neither here nor there. Google got a couple people fired for believing some of their nonsense. look it up And if you got on Netflix at all that day John Stamos was all over the site. That kind of made me laugh until I watched the apology video earlier today where they seem to be in on the joke together. yuck. I thought they were just randomly picking on the dude and that was good old fashion fun.

So I don’t participate. Another thing that might have been mistaken for a joke is the ad you might have seen on the right side of this page. (say might some more Mighty Mouse) Ignore my experiment. We but a ton of crap from Amazon and I’m trying to see if I follow that same behavior but just get there through here it yields any benefit to me. (holy crud nuts that sentence was horrendously confusing. sorry) No fools here but the author.

And now back to watching weather at the end of the world. We have had rain then snow then clear skies then forty mile per hour winds then a white out. If its going to rain frogs I’ve got to be ready to clean my gutters.

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