Turned around 

I was having a less than stellar day when out of nowhere a package arrived that made my day. I need a little preface so this thing makes sense. Sometimes after I have had a couple cocktails and still can’t seem to sleep I tend to drunk shop. I know there is probably some deep psychological hole I’m subconsciously attempting to fill but I have poured gallons of alcohol and a metric ton of bad food into the thing with no results so my brain probably shops just to mix things up.

This behavior has lead to multiple pellet gun purchases as well as other useless knicknacks. But every once in a while I surprise myself. Case in point today’s delivery

Made me laugh out loud as soon as I read the label. I am a juvenile delinquent in a double extra large adult disguise. Not even going to look this one up to see what I spent. I cracked me up.

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