Back on the road

I got these clip on reading glasses but my nasal curvature makes me look drunk no matter how I wear them. Not the end of the world but annoying when I put them on the wrong part of the curve and one eye goes in and out of focus. Travel day plus time change equals jammed up and cranky.

I just finished dinner at a bar, the best place to eat alone by the way. Nothing says traveler like a booth for one. The only drawback is other solo diners wanting to talk. The woman next to me asked if the establishment had a military discount and just like that Internet video from a couple weeks ago the dude on the other side of me made a grunting noise.

The bartender thanked her for her service as did I and she went on her way. After she left the dude mumbled something about “breaks for a job.” What? Says me and he says “I suppose you are in the military too” Nope, too chicken when I was young and too old and out of shape and otherwise committed when I bought I might want that life. But I do so enjoy the freedom they provide me.

He had some back and forth for me about civil service and the military and obviously had a chip on his shoulder that I could not take care of but I could not allow that odiot to disturb the digestion of a lovely steak. He mumbled something about my suite when I was signing my check and I told him he needed to get home before someone kicked the living crap out of him. I sat in the parking lot for a minute before making the sane decision to head back here.

I will never understand sitting somewhere alone looking to start shit. I was already cranky before that little encounter and now I am twisted tight. Luckily I have a hey stack of work to calm me down. It’s a glamorous life I lead.

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