New invention idea

On my last trip I noticed a bunch of pioneers wearing virtual reality headsets outside in actual reality. It made me laugh but I forgot all about it. Then I was driving in his

The traffic was terrible and this was the view through one side of my sunglasses. I took the picture to see if my stupid phone could tell if the light was still red and as you can see it was. But I couldn’t see through the squinting, blinking, tears, and sneezing. That’s when I wondered if a heading into he sun setting could be designed into windshields.

Those ridiculous headsets block too much out but maybe a heads up display that could help a blind brother out. Just thinking here as I wait for the eldest child’s plane to land. I am deleting random pictures and this one needs to go. Something to think about aside from how ineffective these airport traffic safety mover people are. I think the one I’ve been watching might be a reanimated corpse like in Weekend at Bernies. I just can’t hear the music… But he is wearing headphones which should make fully charged batteries your only real worry.

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