I’m on the road again but I had some time to kill so I wandered over to the BookFace and it turns out that I missed yet another made up holiday. Siblings Day is just some more nonsense that I can’t keep track of but lucky for me my brother hates everything online. If there was a service that would completely wipe your existence from the interweb he would sign up tomorrow. In fact that picture I posted of him in his orange child abuse suite set off his redaction reaction.

I write this not because I am upset about not participating but as I ponder what nonsense the internet will come up with next. Side-Selfie Day, Best-Breakfast Day, Past Pet Thursday, Resting-Bitch-Face Friday, it boggles the mind. I do enjoy “friends” that take it way too seriously. They post and tag their brothers and sisters almost taunting them to reciprocate. I would appreciate it more if the word was retaliate. Old pictures should be about the humiliation. Wait, Humiliation Mondays.

Facebook if you’re listening I’ve got a million ideas just call me. You creepy assholes have a complete profile on my entire existence so just call my cell phone when I’m not at work. Again, don’t act like you don’t know.

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