Today began waking up to this. Wait, crap. I put the stupid picture in already.The Mississippi River fascinates me. I am constantly amazed by the amount of freight that still moves up and down the dam thing. I don’t know why other than some idiotic notion that river commerce somehow died during the time of Tom Sawyer. The site doesn’t say smarttom for a reason.

Anyhow, I over engulfed (attempting to thumbtype overindulged but I kind of like the autocorrect better) at dinner this evening and am currently paying the price for that behavior. Lying in this room with a belly full of live snakes really brings home the glamour of life on the road. Oh well, back to my reading as this did little to take my mind off of my condition.

Intestinal distress has rendered me oddly verbose. I have the sinking feeling that I’m going to wake up in a somehow more horrific recreation of the Godfather horse head scene. I will be screaming NO as I figure out a compelling reason why the drunk conventioneers from next door would breat in and commit such an atrocity. Some people…

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