Trying to watch the Blackhawk game in my hotel room as to avoid a sports bar alone situation. Not that solo in a bar isn’t my jam but I need to get up and talk in front of people tomorrow. Worse yet I close the day so fighting off a bumpy evening is not the path to professionalism. But this bitter and jealous town is showing the other game. Luckily I have found the channel that will show it once this other local nonsense ends.

I am tired and cranky after a full day of people. The company I work for is all about self improvement. A number of folks have lost a ton of weight. In point of fact I too have dropped some pounds only to pick them up again as I really enjoyed a rough year.

But my point is that a couple of my coworkers have taken things a bit too far. In fact they both look ill. I don’t discuss issues of weight in fact I have been incubating an idea to make people feel good about adding bulk. Still a rough concept about looking abundant and how Gravity is an asshole that must be punished. But I digress.

I knew I was getting cranky when one of the thin mentioned that his wife might be a chubby chaser because she hates the way he looks and has forbidden him any more lost weight. As this was a not so subtle fishing expedition looking for ” Nooooooo, you look great…’ I chimed in with something a bit different.

“Maybe she doesn’t want to be seen walking around with a mesothelioma patient?”

The silence let me know it was time to go. And the game is on my tv. Good night.

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