First, to my friends at home I stayed up all night watching that shitshow on the edge of my metaphorical seat only to have it end in tragic sudden death. Then I couldn’t sleep due to severe loss induced anger. I know I know, shut up asshat it’s just one loss. And so ends my Blackhawk playoff loss rant. I realize that few who read this care about my personal relationship with sports but I am in the heart of rival country right now and I took crap all day. Not that I don’t deserve it and I am more than capable of defending myself but I hate wasting good material when I don’t really want to use it. 

Secondly I am having trouble locating my big and tall weather man. I love small market news and this place has some of the best. Like the morning shows that make their weather people wear down jackets in studio when it’s cold outside. There used to be a portly gentleman that I really enjoyed but I clicked all around this morning and he was nowhere to be found. This is upsetting as I wanted him to be one of my celebrity Big & Tall representatives while we strive to become a protected class in this country. They have declared enormity a disease you skeptical sizeist. 

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