Quickly random

I was going to write a sorry about the lack of posts post but screw that. This crap is for me and you all are just along for the ride. When I’m on the road this much the couple days at home go by in a blur. I am also on a couple bot so secret missions. I have been screwing around with a couple of the video posting services. I need something like that for work but I also want something for here. I have this idea about random cuts drinking with my friends. They are all funny and once we get rolling down a hill good stuff. 

A couple potential trouble spots; I haven’t seen my friends in a while due to the afore mentioned schedule and it’s hard to know when the gold will show up. I have some ideas on how this could work but they are too early to talk about here.

There is also an assload of work to be done around the castle and I have been blown off by three landscapers and counting. I have some tree detritus that needs to go along with some other backbreaking tasks that I am not up to doing myself.

I am also being held hostage by a Lynard Skynyrd book as I am having trouble putting it down. I am a sucker for a book that explains the music what made up my early soundtrack. 

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