drowning in responses

3 emails about yesterdays post equals a full twenty percent of my readership so I feel the need to reply. First I love that you would rather send an email to me than actual comments on the post. Perfect, as I am absolutely miserable at interacting with comments. I still enjoy them but I am horrible none the less. Second you should know that when I am thumb typing from my phone I rarely look up at the content. The keys being so small and my thumbs being, well, my thumbs. I need to concentrate just to type as poorly as I do… Turns out this makes for some puzzling posting.

That being said “couple bot so secret missions” was auto-corrected and probably miss-typed. bot so is supposed to be of top and the missions aren’t really top secret that just sounded good at the time. I am still playing with snap chat and love watching the things I follow but there is still a lot that I don’t like. (or understand how to or why you wouldn’t want to or some other thing because I am not the target demographic) I am not really active either as it was initially signed up for with my real name to watch a story for work. If I’m going to film stories that I find funny like disaster bathrooms or people watching I need a separate stupidtom account. hold please… created.

Now I just need to get better at my incognito video taking abilities and learn how to make a stupid story. (story is what the kids over at snap-chat call a video that doesn’t disappear after the clock runs out. Shit I am old) Anyway I am hitting the road again this afternoon so I need to close up shop but I also need to answer the final asked question. The name of the book is Whiskey Bottles and Brand-New Cars by Mark Ribowsky if you were a fan you will enjoy the book. Like a lot of bands some of the mythology is just that but other parts are too true.

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