That is a screenshot from my watch. I have no idea how to take one but there were a couple dozen waiting for me on my phone. I looked this up and it involves mashing multiple buttons I didn’t know existed. Apparently my recent bout with fitful sleep is working my technology. I have no idea why I would ever want a screenshot of my watch but it is a thing.

While we are talking about the toy on my wrist the apps and their arrangement are the most useless thing to me. My mutant fingers always push at least two and somethings up to four of the damn things and they have to be arranged in a connected cluster that reminds me of every airport bathroom sink drain.

Just happened to be ten steps from one so I thought I should illustrate. And speaking of airports Boise has been my best experience ever. Rental car drop off to gate total elapsed time including checking a bag and regular security was 21 minutes. I know this because the Hertz guy told me that is was 7:00 on the dot and when I checked again at the gate.. okay you get it.

I tried posting earlier in the week but this trip has been a doozy. Mostly because the group is great people so I trained all day (9 hours of being “on”) followed by 3-4 hours of dinner and beer. Last night I fell asleep fully clothed.

I do so love this job. No I need to figure out how to slow the spin at home. (I immediately regret typing that sentence) I’m stopping now due to the staggering amount of personal heavy lifting required to broach that subject. (Weak ending I know and I might have just said I need to jewelry a topic)

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