I waste a ton of time on something that is seemingly in my control. Money or a lack there of… This is all consuming for me but this post is not about whining. Over this last trip I came to the obvious conclusion  that we live in the wrong area for what I make. In most parts of the country the money I earn would be considered a good living. Here my salary is below average and with the money flowing out things have become bumpy. Again, not complaining, these are the facts.

Two nights this week on the road I tried to come up with ways to save at home and sadly none of them will have any significant impact. So I am trying to increase my travel which will bring in more cash but by no means life altering amounts. In fact three out of four weeks on the road this month will bring us to break even. There are a ton of factors involved and nothing is going to happen for at least two years as I owe my youngest the ability to finish High School where he started but I am a man reaching a point.

This is why those damn tiny houses are so appealing to me. I swoon over the prospect of almost no financial worries. Shit, at this point I would settle for just spending less than I make. Again, this is a ME thing and meant to explain that when I am on the road and not writing its usually because I am trying to work some stuff out. This is also the reason I am writing on a Friday night. I think I get one total visitor on this day of the week so if that is you, Hey, sorry about this.

In other news I was looking for an old file and came across some pictorial (that doesn’t seem right for some reason) gifts from friends so I made a new page. If you are on the regular internet it is linked at the top but if you are looking at a mobile browser I think you have to click on the menu. I do so love a walk down memory lane.

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