Great chunks of crap on a cracker I am getting some government runaround. I thought the good people at the Infernal Revenue Service were trouble but the folks that issue passports make them look downright industrious. Could be partially due to the fact that my local passport office is also my post office and the same folks what deliver my junk mail also handle my official world identification but what do I know.

I’ll tell you what I know. A month and a week ago I made an appointment to replace my missing passport. When I showed up I assumed I would be in an office having my sensitive details poured over by someone from the Secretary of State or at the very least a federal badge holder of some kind. So I called the number I used to make the appointment and they confirmed my appointment and told me to go wait in the line of package mailers and one of the clerks would take care of me.

Twenty minutes later it was my turn only to be denied as just one of the workers today knew how to deal with my problem. Another half hour later I was denied the application because my birth certificate is “just a notarized copy” We went back and forth for a couple minutes but no one out-dodges work like a postal employee. She didn’t even bite when I attempted to renounce my citizenship and demanded all of the tax money I had wasted over the years.

“Sorry sir, notarized copies are no longer accepted proof of citizenship.” Holy horseshit I need to have a true official on velum with a seal certificate of live birth. or my previous passport

My next appointment is in another month and I’m sure there will be another reason why things wont move forward at that point. This is how they are going to get me to agree to my implant. My only current condition is that it be placed above the center knuckle on my middle finger. Much like the flag of the sovereign nation I am currently forming. here is my ID…


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