give none

I was asked by a coworker how certain situations don’t bother me. Without getting into specifics, circumstances arise amongst people that can sometimes escalate. As I have mentioned before I really enjoy that kind of thing no matter when it happens so at work doesn’t bother at all. Responses in a professional environment need to be tailored to said same but no reason to not have fun. I am being vague because I love my job and the altercation isnt really the story here. Lets just say that I took a couple shots, gave a warning, took another shot, then fired back.

*It should be noted that giving anyone that long to prepare a response is just asking for trouble and a verbal duelist rookie mistake.

After ten seconds of silence I signed off with the typical “Well, if there is nothing else I’m sure we all have a lot to do. Have a great week everyone.” Two hours later I got a text then a call from the aforementioned coworker asking me what happened. When I didn’t understand she told me she meant after we all hung up. When I answered nothing she was dumbfounded. Didn’t he call you? Didn’t anyone else call you? Aren’t you worried he’s upset? Weren’t you angry earlier?

No, no, nope, and no. I would have to care to be worried and the exchange was more than fair. Three shots to one is lopsided by most measures and before you say it; (no real idea if that was the correct use of the winking eye thing) he tried thrice to hurt my feelings and just because my shot landed squarely doesn’t mean I should feel remorse. She just didn’t understand which had me thinking off and on for the rest of the day.

What I came up with was being content with oneself. Part of the earlier issue was a jockey for position. We are a group of people most of whom have run companies so there tends to be a lot of one sided whip-it-out contests. I don’t care much for that stuff. Titles and org charts never really interested me. Pay me what I am worth and I will bust my ass. Simple transaction. If I engage in office politics of any kind it is usually to start up something interesting. A bored stupidtom is a dangerous stupidtom.

Anyway, if she asks me again I now have an answer. I mostly like me and I would put the work that I do up against all comers so someone else’s opinion isnt going to sway my day much either way. to give a f*ck you first have to give a f*ck.

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