Things are about to dramatically change around the castle. My bride has had terrible migraines for a long time. She has tried a bunch of doctors and countless other remedies including some homeopathic tea that smells like boiled ass and armpits and a pill that makes them go away but shuts down other organs.

For as long as I can remember Doctor Stupidtom has been suggesting she might be allergic. As the person responsible for the herd of animals roaming around this place she wanted nothing to do with my supposition. That is until today.

Tired of constantly being tired and the blinding headaches she finally saw an allergist this morning.

That bad one you are looking at is cats. Things are about to get real interesting around here.

I also realize that I am breaking all sorts of HIPAA type stuff but I posted this in lieu of the “you were right.” That will never come.

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