Who would have thought that nineteen sixties wiring isn’t up to current building codes? Well it is but in my town the inspector you get is the building code dictator and what he or she says, goes.


The power company had no trouble putting their always spying on me smart meter on my fault system but if I want to pass inspection I need an electrical do over.

The first official was fine with what we did and how we did it but when it came time for the certificate of occupancy that guy is making me replace my whole panel and upgrade the outside for proper ground and some other nonsense.

With no power ear all huddled around our cell phones like fire light in the boredom. I have taken six calls on my cell today and thankfully my spare battery was fully charged.Holy shitsticks he’s not even going to fix it all today but we should have power back in a couple hours. I do so love other people spending my money.

I really need to move out of this state.

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