I got to head out with some friends this morning and golf for the first time in three years and I have to say I should do that more. First, I am a huge fan of day drinking and this morning did not disappoint. Nothing quite like feeling it before 9:00am… And even though my bag was a jack-o-lanterns smile (missing a couple clubs including my putter and a three wood plus all of my white golf balls were used for some school project or another) I played relatively well. At a different stage in my life I might like to do that more.

Anyhow, follow the golf up with a meal that still has me full five plus hours later and that closed out a perfect morning. This afternoon was filled with some random errands but nothing too bad as the wife and youngest are up at the lake making ready for the first renters of the season. I think middle child and I might head out to see the new Captain America movie. Turning in to one of the best Saturdays of recent record.

The only downside if you could call it that was the meat lovers skillet bouncing around in my stomach like a nine month old fetus. I was lying on my back watching it move and I have to say the little guy was quite active. That’s when I gave up and headed out to get stuff done. There will come a reckoning for consuming that much food after all that beer lets just hope is isnt during the movie.

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