That’s cool…

Budget Rent-A-Car is now dead to me. I think I mentioned a while ago in this thing that when I was returning a car in New Jersey the check in dude noticed some scrapes on the bumper. It was on the back passenger side and they had to be done by someone backing in to me in a parking lot because they were really long. Like the car I drove would have to feature 5th wheel driving as featured in this recent news report

Looking at the damage it seemed like they could have been buffed out fairly simply so I figured they might tag me for a hundred bucks give or take. Nope.  As you’ve probably guessed the initial bill was twenty times my estimate. They throw all kinds of happy horse shit into the list like inconvenience charge, lost rental revenue fees, and then I got dinged because they send it directly to a collection agency rather than just talk to their own customers. Really? A collection fee when you have never contacted me about the bill…

Four months of back and forth and I just settled on $300. Their first move was to cut it in half, then a month later half again, holding firm at $500. I am stupid but not dumb and know that this is due to the most popular insurance deductible being $500 and they figure most folks will just pay at that point. Not this asshole.

They finally dropped to the three after I demanded to see the complete rental history of the car I was driving including time it spent on the lot and any other damages that were collected during its life. I also wanted a complete parts replaced report and documentation of what happened to anything removed from the car. All they could provide me was the paint and some bumper cover thing which is how we ended up where we did.

My next call was to the Budget Customer Service line warning them about a smoldering internet brush-fire. I let them know that I consider the money and time they took from me as something I need to take back so in my spare moments, mostly at night with TV in the background, I will be doing just that. Not only have they lost a formerly loyal customer but they have created a lifelong enemy. As she followed her script and asked if there was anything else she could do for me I held back because there is a slim chance that my rant could result in the return of some more of my cash.


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