I find myself searching for a creative video outlet and nothing seems to fit. I think I’m outside the demographic for Snapchat. It infuriates me for a whole pile of nonsensical reasons that I won’t bore you with but I am just not good at it. I see the appeal but none of my friends use it to communicate and the stories vanish so I can’t post them here.

I’ve also been trying a new one called Beme but I suck at that as well. The premise is cool; unfiltered videos that you film by pressing it to your chest or leaned against something. When you watch them you can send a reaction which is a video of you watching. Wait…

It’s weird to me and rather than send one I get distracted by my tiny little picture. Plus the way you see me is how I look while watching. I’m not sure if I hold my giant phone funny or what but I always seem to look like that old top of a bald head cartoon holding on to a ledge.

Anyway, I’m working on a video idea for work but I have a face for radio so it will have to be funny. Before any of you suggest YouTube it’s way too much work. I barely have time and tolerance to produce this so writing, shooting, and editing good content seems exhausting. I might post some random video clips while trying it out. You have been warned.

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