I sit corrected

Sometimes the title of this blog is more true than others. I received an email letting me know that Beme does in fact allow you to save your video files to your phone and then I could try to upload them here. The nice email person didn’t say “try” I added that because it took me ten minutes to remember how to take a screenshot and I posted it in GIANT size unintentionally. So, the likelihood of me mastering all of those movable parts and turning them in to a consistent video presence on this site are slim to low.

BUT, I will say that the Beme thing would be an awesome way for me to take video of my hilarious friends and weird things I see while traveling without looking like a phone filming douche. Instead I will just look like I am in a constant state of cell-phone-pledge-of-allegiance. So note to my real life friends; If you see me with the phone pressed to my chest I am probably filming you NOT fending off my inevitable heart attack.

I should really try and film something now…

Okay, I had to save it then upload it to YouTube. I immediately regret the decision to post this video. The thumbnail explains my trepidation. I’m at a flattering angle wearing my work headset as I wait for a call and it looks like I’m having a brain even of some sort. You will also notice a random ceiling shot as I set the phone on its face with the app open and it started recording. Also you might notice me jerk my head to the right which would be an awesome tick but a creature jumped up on to my window and the movement momentarily sidetracked me.



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